Pantone Color Report – Spring Weddings

spring weddingsEach year, the Pantone Color Institute releases a list of the colors that fashion designers are using for the following year’s hottest fashions. These colors tend to predict the hottest hues in fashion, in home design, and in weddings. From the dresses to the bouquets to the venues, these are the colors that will be trending. And if you are among those planning spring weddings, perhaps these colors can inspire you.

The 2017 Color of the Year has been announced – and it is Greenery! This yellow-green shade is similar to chartreuse and is found in blooms such as cymbidium orchids, green hydrangea, and Fuji mums.

The colors of 2017 range from understated to vivid, but they all reflect the beautiful shades found in nature and the elements. The designers at Bagoy’s Florist & Home are experts at matching your favorite color, whatever it may be, with the perfect flowers for your wedding day.

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Wedding Proposal Inspiration and Ideas


Proposals can range from extravagant and public to intimate and private, but they all need some level of planning. When it comes time to ask the all-important question, you’ve got so many choices. Because the month of December sees more people getting engaged than any other month, the team at Bagoy’s Florist & Home thought we would share some proposal inspiration. We have helped many Anchorage couples take the journey from engagement to wedding day – and we love to hear the stories.
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Floral Accents and Wedding Details

floral accents

As your wedding day grows closer and you’ve settled all the major details, it’s time to turn your eyes to the smaller details.  Embellishing the celebration with floral accents is a beautiful way to infuse your personal style and design into every aspect of your day.  The designers at Bagoy’s Florist & Home look forward to combining our expertise and creativity with your vision for a perfect day.
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Wedding Trends – Mixed Metals, White & Silver

metallic wedding details

Every wedding season has its own trends, and every Anchorage season has it’s own special ambiance. This year – as in recent years – we are seeing metallic wedding details trending in popularity – and the months ahead allow for some truly beautiful winter wonderland wedding decor!  Metallics come in such a vast diversity that they are perfect for any color palette or theme – from copper lanterns, to silver vases, shimmering tablecloths and invitations embellished with golden glitter, they are not limited by the type of flowers you choose for your day.
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Orchid Wedding Florals

orchid wedding florals

There is nothing more beautiful than an Anchorage wedding, and there may be no more beautiful way to adorn the occasions than with orchid wedding florals. The vibrant colors and rare designs that the orchids bring to bear exude all the joy and celebration of the day. But with so many varieties, it may be difficult to choose which is right for you. You can depend on the expertise of the Bagoy’s Florist wedding consultants to help you create the perfect bridal bouquets and venue decor, featuring the striking orchid. orchid wedding florals

The rare and exotic beauty of the orchid is undeniable. Depending on the season, and the variety of orchid you are looking for, our talented designers will be of great value to you in the design process. You may wish to have a cascading bouquet of white cymbidium orchids, or simply to use that same flower as one element in your overall bouquet. Orchids are remarkably diverse and partner well with roses, asters, hydrangea and more.

orchid wedding florals

When imagining the orchid floral designs for your wedding day, don’t stop at the bouquets! Dendrobium and phalaenopsis orchids join the cymbidium as the most often requested variety of orchid, and all three may be utilized in elements from a delicate corsage or boutonniere, to a dramatic, extravagant centerpiece design.

The wedding consultants at Bagoy’s Florist are dedicated to assisting you with creating the perfect wedding bouquets and decor while staying within budget. From explaining in-season florals to providing suggestions for the most vibrant additions to your design, you won’t regret partnering with us for this most important occasion.  We’re here to make your Anchorage wedding day a beautiful one.

Christmas Wedding Planning in July

christmas weddingWhile July may seem a far cry from Christmas, now is the perfect time to start finalizing your holiday party plans – that is, if you are planning a Christmas or holiday wedding!

Wedding planners agree that by the time we reach the middle of the summer months, holiday brides should have lined up their venues, chosen their wedding party and selected dresses.  Once those key elements are in place, it’s time to contacted the wedding florist. After all, the holidays are prime season for parties, events and social gatherings of all kinds, and resources are at a premium. 

Bagoy’s Florist & Gifts invites you to set up a consultation to meet with our expert wedding coordinator – collect your Pinterest photos and inspiration pieces, and come in to discuss your bridal flowers. Whether you have visions of a traditional Christmas venue, complete with illuminated trees and mistletoe; or you prefer a contemporary shimmering and sophisticated affair, we can help you to achieve your perfect wedding day. 

“Here in Alaska, it’s all about the sparkle,” says  Bagoy’s Florist & Gifts owner Chanda Mines. “We add crystals, pearls and alpine greenery. Centerpieces can be flocked with ‘snow’ so realistic it looks ‘cold!'” 

Here’s another tip from the wedding experts – in December, your “must have” flower may be out of season. This will result in your bouquets and floral arrangements being more expensive than you may have expected or budgeted for. When planning a winter wedding, tell your florist your vision, your color palette and show any photos that you have for inspiration; then allow the professional to create gorgeous bouquets and centerpieces from seasonal flowers. Professional floral designers know which flowers to use to aesthetically create the same look you desire, while saving your budget! They are also experts at utilizing non-floral elements such as illumination and decorative crystals to imagine your winter wonderland. 

The holidays are a very busy time for florists, so it is important to get on the calendar now! Call Bagoy’s Florist & Gifts now to ensure that your holiday wedding is as spectacular as it can be – December will be here before you know it! 

Hiring the Right Florist for your Alaska Summer Wedding

alaska summer wedding“Do it yourself” – DIY – is a craze that has taken over the country, and Alaska is no exception. Videos and social media sites show us how to make and create things we would never have otherwise attempted – although there are times when DIY is more appropriate than others. To many brides, a DIY wedding sounds fun, innovative and a great way to control costs; the trends in invitations, food, decorating and music have all been transformed in recent years. However, flowers may prove a bit more complicated for a do-it-yourself bride, for several reasons.

Many elements of your wedding can be prepared long in advance of the actual day, but fresh flowers should be acquired, arranged and transported within a day of the festivities. That leaves a very small window to resolve any problems that may arise, especially given how many other details you are working on. Flowers are perishable and require care in handling – even an arrangement in a mason jar takes a delicate touch and the trained creative eye of a professional who can see beauty from every angle.

Chanda Mines, the owner of Bagoy’s Florist, puts it this way. “There are two ways a bride can approach her wedding – it is either her special day or it is a party she is throwing for her friends. If it is just a party, she can busy herself with the details. But if it is her special day, she should enjoy it – hire professionals so her friends and family can enjoy every moment without stress. Plus her nails won’t get dirty!”.

Hiring a professional floral designer can be far more cost effective than you imagine. A face-to-face meeting with a Bagoy’s wedding consultant will allow us to understand your dreams and the vision for your wedding, and to make recommendations as to the best flowers to bring your ideas to life – within your budget. Consult with Bagoy’s to bring our expertise to your special day; our attention to detail and commitment to your wedding day is unmatched in the Anchorage area. We look forward to working with you!

Mother of the Bride Duties

mother dutiesWe learn so much from our mothers throughout our lives. We run to her when we are in need, and call her when we are looking for great advice. The wisdom and support that she has always shown is the perfect reason for her to assist you when it comes to planning the biggest day of your life.

Traditionally, mothers have played an important role in wedding planning, as well as on the day itself. One of the most special times between moms and their daughters is the selection of the wedding gown. Who better to give honest feedback than mom? She knows you better than anyone. And this moment comes full circle on the day of the ceremony when Mom assists her daughter into her wedding dress and places her veil on her head. This is an incredibly special moment between mothers and their little girl, and a memory she will cherish for the rest of her life.

It is also customary for the mother of the bride to be the go-to contact for all the vendors, from the caterer to florist. There is no need for the bride to be bothered with every small detail of the day when she has bigger things on her mind. Your mother is a phenomenal multi-tasker, and this will be a breeze for her; not to mention, she may love pouring her excitement into the festivities. And when the day arrives, your mom is considered the hostess of the party. So just as she has so many other times throughout your childhood, it is her customary role to greet family and friends on your behalf and make sure that everyone feels welcomed.

Working through the details of your wedding day with your mother is something that will bring you both even closer than before. Bagoy’s Florist & Home looks forward to becoming a part of the team, providing the gorgeous bouquets, centerpieces and altar flowers for your wedding. Alaska is a beautiful place to hold a wedding – let us help you make it even more striking.

Wedding Traditions and Where They Came From

wedding traditionsThere is perhaps no day richer in tradition and symbolism than a couple’s wedding day. From the proposal, to the ceremony, to the gathering of the reception – a wedding is a time to incorporate representations of one’s family, future and faith. While American culture is widely accepting of more eclectic and unique weddings, this has not always been the case throughout history. Traditions and superstitions have always played an important role in creating a day that would bring the best luck to the happy couple.


The traditional white dress is thought to represent purity and innocence; but this is not the original significance of the tradition. While some brides in history in fact did wear white – such as Queen Victoria, who broke the royal custom of being married in a silver gown – until the 1800’s most women simply wore their best dress, regardless of color. Much like contemporary times, however, it has always been been inappropriate to wear the same color as the bride.

wedding traditions

Many traditions have been lost in history, but there are others that are still relevant and observed today. One of those is the famous saying, “Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue”. Countless brides enjoy finding creative ways to incorporate these traditional elements into their bridal attire, just as they in the Victorian era. Each part of the adage was thought to bring good luck in a specific area of the couple’s married life. Something old represented family, while something new is meant to bring good fortune and success. Something borrowed is a reminder to the bride that her friends and family will always be there to help her; and something blue is a symbol of faithfulness. The last part of the rhyme is not as well known, but is just as significant – “and a silver sixpence in her shoe” represented wealth in her new life.


When choosing the details of your wedding day, allow Bagoy’s Florist & Home to to assist with your florals, as we have with countless other Anchorage weddings. Whether you choose a more traditional route or are looking for unique floral elements that will turn heads, our expert designers will create centerpieces, bouquets and altar arrangements that are sure to start wedding new traditions.

Summer Wedding Flowers in Alaska

summer weddingsThe summer season is known for traveling, vacations and outdoor barbeques. And this season’s wedding trends are mirroring those summer memories and nostalgia that we hold dear. From bright and bold statement colors, to outdoor locations and food carts, your wedding day can hearken back to a romantic summer day.

As Alaskan couples plan a summer wedding, choosing stunning outdoor vistas is a popular choice. Summertime is perfect for an outside event, from the temperature to the landscape – and Bagoy’s Florist & Home has the experience and ideas you need to bring the vision that you have to life, creating your perfect celebration. When selecting your location, walk the site and take into account even the smallest details. Is there an appropriate space to seat all your guests? Is the backdrop right for photos? Should you bring out a tent or gazebo for shade?

summer weddings

Once you have made your choice of location, the other details of the day will begin to fall into place. A popular summer trend in this season is the use of beautiful, bold and bright colors; often brought into the décor by creating bouquets and arrangements of mismatched, natural wildflowers. Adding a splash of color can be as easy as adding orange roses or purple dendrobiums pinned to suits and attached to wrists. However you incorporate vivid colors, it is sure to bring this season’s favorite trend in a beautiful way.

summer weddings wedding flowers

Your wedding is meant to be the perfect reflection of you and your spouse – follow the trends for ideas and inspiration, but never be afraid to make your own choices, and to design a day that expresses your unique relationship. Bagoy’s Florist & Home has helped hundreds of couples to decorate their day with beautiful flowers and arrangements – call us today, and let’s get started on your celebration.