Wedding Traditions and Where They Came From

wedding traditionsThere is perhaps no day richer in tradition and symbolism than a couple’s wedding day. From the proposal, to the ceremony, to the gathering of the reception – a wedding is a time to incorporate representations of one’s family, future and faith. While American culture is widely accepting of more eclectic and unique weddings, this has not always been the case throughout history. Traditions and superstitions have always played an important role in creating a day that would bring the best luck to the happy couple.


The traditional white dress is thought to represent purity and innocence; but this is not the original significance of the tradition. While some brides in history in fact did wear white – such as Queen Victoria, who broke the royal custom of being married in a silver gown – until the 1800’s most women simply wore their best dress, regardless of color. Much like contemporary times, however, it has always been been inappropriate to wear the same color as the bride.

wedding traditions

Many traditions have been lost in history, but there are others that are still relevant and observed today. One of those is the famous saying, “Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue”. Countless brides enjoy finding creative ways to incorporate these traditional elements into their bridal attire, just as they in the Victorian era. Each part of the adage was thought to bring good luck in a specific area of the couple’s married life. Something old represented family, while something new is meant to bring good fortune and success. Something borrowed is a reminder to the bride that her friends and family will always be there to help her; and something blue is a symbol of faithfulness. The last part of the rhyme is not as well known, but is just as significant – “and a silver sixpence in her shoe” represented wealth in her new life.


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