Hiring the Right Florist for your Alaska Summer Wedding

alaska summer wedding“Do it yourself” – DIY – is a craze that has taken over the country, and Alaska is no exception. Videos and social media sites show us how to make and create things we would never have otherwise attempted – although there are times when DIY is more appropriate than others. To many brides, a DIY wedding sounds fun, innovative and a great way to control costs; the trends in invitations, food, decorating and music have all been transformed in recent years. However, flowers may prove a bit more complicated for a do-it-yourself bride, for several reasons.

Many elements of your wedding can be prepared long in advance of the actual day, but fresh flowers should be acquired, arranged and transported within a day of the festivities. That leaves a very small window to resolve any problems that may arise, especially given how many other details you are working on. Flowers are perishable and require care in handling – even an arrangement in a mason jar takes a delicate touch and the trained creative eye of a professional who can see beauty from every angle.

Chanda Mines, the owner of Bagoy’s Florist, puts it this way. “There are two ways a bride can approach her wedding – it is either her special day or it is a party she is throwing for her friends. If it is just a party, she can busy herself with the details. But if it is her special day, she should enjoy it – hire professionals so her friends and family can enjoy every moment without stress. Plus her nails won’t get dirty!”.

Hiring a professional floral designer can be far more cost effective than you imagine. A face-to-face meeting with a Bagoy’s wedding consultant will allow us to understand your dreams and the vision for your wedding, and to make recommendations as to the best flowers to bring your ideas to life – within your budget. Consult with Bagoy’s to bring our expertise to your special day; our attention to detail and commitment to your wedding day is unmatched in the Anchorage area. We look forward to working with you!