Tall Centerpieces for Your Alaskan Wedding

tall centerpiecesA wedding is such a unique and personal celebration; so although there are many trends each wedding season, there are just as many ways to make those ideas all yours.


When it comes to floral trends in 2016, there has been a return to romance. Chandeliers, Edison lighting and candles are all popular ways to create soft and romantic ambiance at this year’s hottest weddings. Bouquets and centerpieces are still relying on traditional flowers and colors such as whites and pastels; but they are often showcased in non-traditional displays and arrangements. An ongoing trend in wedding planning has been to utilize complementary flowers and details, but the arrangements vary from table to table; or even bouquet to bouquet.

tall centerpieces

Table flowers are ready to take center stage – this year, multi-level arrangements give interest to your décor. Tall and soaring centerpieces add elegance to your guest’s seating; surrounding them with lower elements such as lanterns, candles and baubles provides beautiful depth.


You can create impressive bouquets for your centerpieces in a variety of ways. You may choose to utilize tall, slender vases; vintage boxes as pedestals to elevate the bouquets, or to create arrangements with towering stalks of blooms – such as snapdragons, gladioli or larkspur – for added height. The floral designers at Bagoy’s Florist will be happy to bring to life your vision of the perfect wedding centerpiece.


However you choose to decorate your wedding ceremony, venue or tables, Bagoy’s Florist is your Anchorage wedding source. Tell us your ideas, and we will advise you as to the perfect varieties of flowers to utilize to achieve the desired effect. Tall and elegant centerpieces are trending in 2016 – how can you personalize this sophisticated favorite? Bagoy’s Florist & Home is here to help.

Our Favorite Wedding Flowers From 2015

wedding flowersIf you are one of the couples who got engaged over the holidays, the entire year is stretched out before you, filled with possibility. At Bagoy’s Florist and Home, we had a great 2015 creating beautiful wedding flowers for many Anchorage brides and grooms – and we are looking forward to a new year and new couples to celebrate with.

wedding flowers

A winter wedding is the epitome of formal elegance when you choose classic red roses interspersed with white; accented with white satin and pearls. Fill your room with glass and candlelight for a glittering venue that exudes luxury.

wedding flowers wedding flowers

wedding flowers

Your spring or summer wedding will overflow with country charm when you choose floral arrangements with bright, vibrant colors reminiscent of wildflower bouquets. Choose a varied selection of flowers in complementary shades, and scatter the flowers throughout your setting to tie the theme together.

wedding flowers

Fall brings a color palette all its own, and allows for wedding themes that are warm and homey. Vintage furniture, homespun accents and hot apple cider create a cozy atmosphere for family and friends; while rustic flowers from the countryside are a natural choice. Wildflowers and greens create fall bouquets, hair pieces and centerpieces perfect for this picturesque time of year.

wedding flowers

And when 2016 is winding down, maybe you’d like to take some inspiration from one of our favorite weddings of 2015, which took place just last month. Browse these gorgeous photos taken by Sugar Six Photography, and let your imagination soar. How can we help you create your dream wedding? No matter what month you choose for your 2016 nuptials, the floral experts at Bagoy’s Florist and Home are looking forward to helping you – stop into our Anchorage flower shop for more ideas, and let’s make your wedding day the most memorable one yet.

New Year’s Engagements! What Do You Now?

new yearWedding experts tell us that one third of proposals happen over the holidays, many occurring on New Year’s Eve. After all, what better time is there to start planning a new life together, than on the cusp of a brand new year? All the promise and anticipation of a fresh start translates well into beginning a new marriage. If you got engaged over the holidays, let Bagoy’s be one of the first to congratulate you – now let’s get down to planning this exciting day!


With the entire year stretching out before you, you have four seasons of possibilities stretching out in front of you. Are you dreaming of a summer wedding in a beautiful outdoor setting, or will you prepare for next year with a posh New Year’s Eve event? No matter your idea of perfect wedding day, there are some tips and trends already emerging for the hottest weddings of the year.

new year


Every year, the Pantone corporation names its “color of the year” – but this year, they couldn’t decide on just one! The top trending hues for 2016 are Rose Quartz and Serenity; muted but rich shades of pink and blue that look elegant on heir own, or paired together. These colors feel natural, softer than the vibrant choices of the past – and also convey the comfort of a vintage ambiance. Old fashioned, eclectic and DIY weddings have been in vogue for years now – these traditional shades of pink and blue fit beautifully into that wedding plan.

new year


Now is the perfect time to speak to the wedding consultants at Bagoy’s to get exciting inspiration for your upcoming day. Let’s talk about the top wedding flowers, the hot colors and the décor trends that are making memorable weddings – and make your wedding the best of them all.


Happy New Year from Bagoy’s of Anchorage!


Erin Velander of Blomma Designs; Visual concept

Britany Denocour of Alaska Photography and Design; photography


Bagoy’s Winter Weddings

winter weddingIf you are planning a winter wedding ceremony, you already likely know the benefits to a snowy landscape – one-of-a-kind photos in all white, icy trees creating a magical glistening backdrop, and luxurious fur stoles adding glamour and warmth to the scene. Imagine pulling up to your special day in a horse drawn sleigh, covered in white blankets, or serving hot chocolate to your guests in front of a roaring fire.

winter wedding

The colors of a traditional winter wedding vary from pop of red against white and black, to bright, unexpected color palettes. But one of the hottest color schemes for winter nuptials is actually a bit more understated, yet beautifully elegant. Ivory and gray is showing up everywhere; vintage in feel and sophisticated in execution. Adding shimmering glitter to satin gray table cloths, draped gauze accents, suits and boutonnieres or even a pure ivory cake transform any venue into an icy wonderland.

winter wedding

Bouquets of ivory and champagne flowers can showcase a few flowers airbrushed gray for an artsy, frozen look. For centerpieces, fill a clear vase with crystal “ice cubes” and fill with ivory flowers. Pair with a tall pewter gray candle holder with ivory candles for illumination. Line the room with gray spray-painted branches covered in white icicle lights, or drape those same icicle lights from the ceiling along with silver stars.

winter wedding

To end the evening in wintry style, consider a single rose spray-painted in metallic gray for the women to bring home; and a white chocolate snowflakes dusted with edible silver glitter for all your guests. The ideas are endless! To create your own indoor winter venue, call Bagoy’s Florist. Whether you are looking for a dramatic cascading bouquet for your walk down the aisle, or delicate floral accents for your wedding cake and place settings, Bagoy’s Florist and Home of Anchorage has all the wedding flowers you desire. We live in a winter wonderland, what better time of year to celebrate?

Bagoy’s Weddings – Chrysanthemums

chrysanthemumYou have probably heard that flowers have a “language” all their own. Each flower carries significance, and so choosing your wedding flowers an be far more thought-provoking than just choosing your favorite kind. The tradition of floral meaning dates back to Victorian times, when sharing your emotions was frowned upon; to convey their feelings, romantics developed a code to discreetly share their feelings with a loved one.


The mum signifies wealth, abundance and truth – three things every newlywed hopes
for in a new marriage. But this is not the only reason it makes a wonderful choice for wedding bouquets. The mum is the official flower of November, because unlike most flowers, it blooms well into autumn. This means this flower is still in season for your late fall wedding. Also, the mum is easy to blend with any other flowers; with little to no scent, and a full spectrum of colors and shapes – it is easy to find mums that will accompany other flowers beautifully.


The mum comes in over 2,000 varieties; and from bloom to bloom, can take on vastly different appearances. The football or viceroy mum is lavishly full in appearance, and can replace peonies or garden roses in large bouquets and centerpieces. At the other end of the scale are pompons, also known as button mums. These small, tightly formed flowers come in yellow, white and lime green and make exceptional accent flowers. They can also be utilized for boutonnieres, cake decorations and place-setting adornments. Spider mums, much like their name suggests, are much more exotic, with long, spindly petals; this tropical looking variety looks right at home in cascading arrangements and hanging décor.


Bagoy’s Florist can offer expert inspiration on how to best utilize this quintessential flower of fall into your wedding bouquets. Give us a call, or stop into our Anchorage wedding planning shop. We look forward to helping you to create gorgeous floral arrangements that convey just the right sentiment for your special day.


Bagoy’s Vintage Weddings

vintage weddingsWe live in a fast paced world. Every day we are introduced to something newer and faster. Is it any wonder that we yearn for simpler times? When you stage a vintage wedding celebration, the past blends with the present in an elegant and meaningful event. From fashion accessories to home décor, a vintage atmosphere allows us to slow down; a wedding is perhaps the best time to get a little nostalgic as family gathers together and a new chapter begins.

The term vintage can connote different things to different people, but most often celebrates a certain time period in our history. And there are so many ways to create the ambiance – for instance, an antique lace veil and dramatic crystal jewelry are reminiscent of earlier days; while a brooch, cameo or luxurious stole from your grandmother ties in the family legacy. Attire inspired by your parent’s wedding photos is an amazing way to honor them, and makes for a once in a lifetime photo opportunity.

Our rich cultural history – from flappers to movie starlets to classy First Ladies – provide ample inspiration for fashion and décor. Flowers also play a large part in setting the stage for your vintage day. For turn of the century weddings, a romantic cascading bridal bouquet with embroidered lace and pearl accents creates a gorgeous focal point Floral arrangements of lavish and luxurious peonies and roses remind us of garden tea parties; while an elegant grouping of calla lilies wrapped in pearls is the perfect accompaniment to a glamorous red carpet- inspired gown. A nosegay of tightly packed blooms will pair beautifully with a classic 1950’s dress; and a wildflower headpiece is the quintessential way to adorn a hippie-chic bride.

Bagoy’s Flowers has wedding experts to help you create a memorable vintage wedding day that reflects your unique personality. If you have ideas, Bagoy’s of Anchorage help you to bring them to life.


Green Alaskan Weddings

Selecting the flowers and color palette for your wedding day is one of the most influential decisions you have to make while planning – what you decide will affect every other design choice. Altar flowers to bouquets, the floral arrangements carry the emotion and ambiance of the day. If you are looking for a unique twist in wedding planning, look no further than one of the hottest trends in 2015 – the abundant use of greenery is showing up in weddings across the country. From simply elegant to charmingly romantic, greens are taking center stage.

green wedding

Bridal bouquets crafted from herbal plants such as mint or rosemary are not only uniquely beautiful and aromatic, but when a few vivid blooms are placed in the arrangement, the color is showcased in dramatic fashion. Both your ceremony venue and reception space can be comparably adorned – covering wedding arches or lighting elements with lush greenery will add a gorgeous natural element that will set off flowers, candles or glass accents with rustic charm. For a truly special motif, succulents are an unexpected and sophisticated option to create natural table runners, centerpieces or guest favors.

green wedding

If traditional flowers are still your vision, you can make your entire event seem more luxuriant simply by increasing the amount of greenery in all of your floral arrangements. The effect is that the arrangements look less planned and manicured, and more like the flowers were picked that morning. Bagoy’s Florist in Anchorage has the inspiration you need, whatever your wedding dreams are made of. From greens to vibrant hues; from bouquets to centerpieces – let Bagoys assist you in providing the color for your wedding day.

Colors of Alaskan Weddings

The color palette for your wedding day sets the stage for the entire event. Identifying the colors from the beginning will guarantee a well coordinated celebration, with a theme that flows seamlessly from your walk down the aisle to the last dance. While you have a full spectrum of colors to choose from, experts suggest that you begin with what you have been drawn to your whole life. With photographs lasting forever, you’ll want a color you’ll love to look at.

pink wedding

Whichever color you choose, it can be blended with the rest of the décor with the creative use of details and accents. One color that is a romantic favorite of brides is pink – and it matches nearly any venue décor due to its many shades and variations. Deep pink or fuchsia looks stunning against dark brown and set off with shiny silvers and jewel tones. This rich palette lends well to elegant and sophisticated evening events. Pale pink matches well with ivories, champagnes, greens and dark grays. Pink can also be used as an accent color, placed throughout a white bouquet for a delicate touch of elegance.

pink wedding

Outdoor venues lend themselves well to the many hues of pink. Corals and salmons look striking against a water backdrop, and for a bold look, hot pink stands out as dramatically as the blue sky. Al fresco weddings also allow you to create the venue around you, with floral draped trellises, petal strewn aisles and pathways marked with hanging baskets. Peonies, roses, tulips and hydrangea all come in beautiful pink tones; and each exudes a different aura of romance. Regardless of colors, venue or chosen flowers – Bagoy’s Florist of Anchorage is your connection for wedding floral arrangements and bouquets. Call us today!