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Wedding Proposal Inspiration and Ideas


Proposals can range from extravagant and public to intimate and private, but they all need some level of planning. When it comes time to ask the all-important question, you’ve got so many choices. Because the month of December sees more people getting engaged than any other month, the team at Bagoy’s Florist & Home thought we would share some proposal inspiration. We have helped many Anchorage couples take the journey from engagement to wedding day – and we love to hear the stories.
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Floral Accents and Wedding Details

floral accents

As your wedding day grows closer and you’ve settled all the major details, it’s time to turn your eyes to the smaller details.  Embellishing the celebration with floral accents is a beautiful way to infuse your personal style and design into every aspect of your day.  The designers at Bagoy’s Florist & Home look forward to combining our expertise and creativity with your vision for a perfect day.
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Orchid Wedding Florals

orchid wedding florals

There is nothing more beautiful than an Anchorage wedding, and there may be no more beautiful way to adorn the occasions than with orchid wedding florals. The vibrant colors and rare designs that the orchids bring to bear exude all the joy and celebration of the day. But with so many varieties, it may be difficult to choose which is right for you. You can depend on the expertise of the Bagoy’s Florist wedding consultants to help you create the perfect bridal bouquets and venue decor, featuring the striking orchid. orchid wedding florals

The rare and exotic beauty of the orchid is undeniable. Depending on the season, and the variety of orchid you are looking for, our talented designers will be of great value to you in the design process. You may wish to have a cascading bouquet of white cymbidium orchids, or simply to use that same flower as one element in your overall bouquet. Orchids are remarkably diverse and partner well with roses, asters, hydrangea and more.

orchid wedding florals

When imagining the orchid floral designs for your wedding day, don’t stop at the bouquets! Dendrobium and phalaenopsis orchids join the cymbidium as the most often requested variety of orchid, and all three may be utilized in elements from a delicate corsage or boutonniere, to a dramatic, extravagant centerpiece design.

The wedding consultants at Bagoy’s Florist are dedicated to assisting you with creating the perfect wedding bouquets and decor while staying within budget. From explaining in-season florals to providing suggestions for the most vibrant additions to your design, you won’t regret partnering with us for this most important occasion.  We’re here to make your Anchorage wedding day a beautiful one.